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February 2nd, 2006

05:42 pm: If I did not dream, who would I be...

So , still "closed" , like in a Tower.
Doing the daily routine stuff... Getting up around 7 AM, going sleep at 3-4 at night.

I think, that the spring comes, very slowly - birds started to sing :-). Usually it made me angry, because that was the sign, that the sunrise comes and I don't have much time left . Right now, I like to wait for them - a daily routine... maybe something more.

So much to do , so much work left, and so much time to think... again.

A colleague from work is going to visit me today.  So there is an occasion to spend some time in a kitchen - I like it.

Will write more later.

24 days left...


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January 29th, 2006

09:47 am: Tragedy in Poland

Yesterday in Katowice (southern Poland) the building collapsed, killing at least 60 people. Many people are still not found.

Among the dead and some 140 injured were Poles, Belgians and Germans.

Rescuers are still at the place of the tragedy, but they say that with such a low temperature the chances of finding someone alive are slim, but they still have hope.


Current Mood: worriedworried

January 26th, 2006

10:09 pm: Horrible facts about the weather are still coming...

Last week in Poland and in Europe caused a... tragedy. Many hundreds of people died of cold. In my country all forces, charitable organisations and just avarage people started to do as much as possible to help homeless people, first of all. Also other things have been changed, like public transportation schedule or Police and Street Guard patrols - all to help the people...

But, there are not only people suffering of the cold, thousands of animlas are dying... Even at the shelters...
My friend and me organized a kind of a whip round again , but not for the money this time - to collect the blankets, sleeping bags, clothes, even towles (all will be passed on to the Animal shelter)... We bought a lot already, from ourselves, but still it's nothing, compareing to what it's needed...

And.. people are great , thay answear, living 350 km from Warsaw, sending the things by post- mail or bringing it here by car...

We still need help, anykind... THEY NEED HELP...


Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: Dracula - Wojciech Kilar

January 17th, 2006

10:08 pm: 17th of January

17th of January - not a special date in my life - not at all...

I just realize, that I will spend only 3 more days at my office... Strange feeling, especially that these 2 months in front of me, I will spend at home... I will miss the colleagues, I will miss the environment and... I think I will miss the office work even...

I am taking 2 months off... In these next 2 months I will stay at home. I will be all the time alone, 99% of the time - in my place, surrounded by my walls (renovated and painted 2 months ago:-) - that's the PLUS! ).

I hope I will handle it... I love to be alone... but...when I have the time to discover... to develop... to plan... And, well,  next 2 months, they mean for me to  be only a "ROBOT", focused on some important things... It's a bit scary, isn't it?

So , the conclusion is, for all of u, my friends:-)

Take a wine or a beer, or anything u like... and come over here, to my place, to give me some joy and fun! Everybody is welcome!!!!ANYTIME !!!

See ya:-)



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Current Music: Kane, Anouk, Tori, and much more :-)

January 3rd, 2006

10:39 am: Happy New Year, Joanna!

So, this is the first post at 2006. I hope that this year will be at least not worse than 2005. Sounds not so very optimistic? No, no. Starting, from the beggining of this year I took some decisions, well, these are more plans than the decisions. How many of them would be possible to realize... I don't know , but one thing I know for sure - I will try...

And about the New Year promises - I've made one - not to give any self promises...

This is my first day in the office... Pretty hard, as I still feel tired after the NY party. It started for me exactly at the midnight on Friday, when I got to my friends house, deep in the forest, at the suburbs of Warsaw. There were already 5 of my friends:-) We talked till 5 at the morning, drinking and just relaxing before the hard day, which was in front of us. We got up early and started to prepare the house for the party and next 25 people... Funny and a really nice day. The party itself was really good. I enjoyed it a lot, being sorounded by friends.

Finally , I got back home at 7 o'clock at the evening on Sunday. I took a shower and left to meet 2 friends from Germany, who were staying in Warsaw for the New Year. As I didn't have a chance to get the hangover yet, I continued with some beers... Came back home around 2 or 3 at night...

Monday morning was a hell for me...Hangover attacked... I didn't go to the office...

OK, so, for now that's all , have to start the normal , working day.


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Current Music: Anouk

November 15th, 2005

04:26 pm: A really good and important news...

The days full of stress are finished!!!

Today I received a really good news!!! Thank you....

BTW, I finally "got back" my room in which I had a "waterfall" one month ago, because of the neighbor's, broken pipes. I finished the painting - 3 walls are beige-creme and one is brownish orange :-) I put also a new carpet. Everything was done during the long and tiring weekend.

One year just passed... For some people the things and life turned back again to the same position... For me... some things have been changed forever...


PS. Antoine - thanks :-)

Current Mood: happybut exhausted
Current Music: Kane

October 24th, 2005

10:11 am: A really long time

So, It's been 3 months I didn't write anything - 1/4 of the year. Time flies so fast and brings the changes.

First of all I got back from Spain.... And I will not hide the fact, that I am happy because of that. First time of my life, after all these long and short trips I did, I really wanted to come back and feel safe again... It took me a few weeks to recover, and finally, I think I "got back"...

So, a lot of things have been changed, but finally it didn't bring much new in my life.

My master is changing :-) That's the plus. But still, there are ages of work in front of me.

I still work in the same company, at February it'll be to years of staying here...My boss, doesn't know, how much he helps me, gives a lot of work and fulls all my free time. So I don't have much time to think about the problems and bad things. :-)

My friends are wonderful and all the time they offer a lot of fun :-) Thanks :-) I hope that soon I will be able to party with u more often.

That's more or less last 3 months.

I'll try to write more later and post some pics.

See ya



Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: The Cure, Anouk, Lifehouse - MIX

July 20th, 2005

02:09 pm: Moving to Valencia

So.... Some changes... Some - maybe it´s not the best word to describe.

First of all , finally I am moving from Burriana to Valencia. It´s a pitty that only for last 2 weeks of my being in Spain, but it´s good anyway. I am going to travel 2 hours to work and 2 hours back everyday, but right now , I don´t care about it...

Last weekend I spent in IBIZA.

It was really good, and honestly better than I expected. We rented a car with some firends, so we didn´t stay for a long time in playas. We prefared to travel a bit.

On the boat I met 2 crazy guys, one was studying in Notre Damme University in US. While I was in Detroit I had some friend from that univ. :-) Finally at the night, when all the people I went to Ibiza with went to sleep, I was partying with these 2 guys till 8 at the morning in Bora-Bora. We were the last 3 people leaving the disco :-)

Last 3 days in Burriana I go to playa, to take some sun, after my moving to Valencia I will have other interesting things to do.

The changes I told about are not exactly about moving or having a great weekend. It seems next weeks and months will look different than past. It scares me a bit, but after the really crushing moments I found some plans and solutions. So it looks much better right now. Come on... I was never a victim of a live :-) I was always fighting and trying to solve the problems. It seems a bit hard right now, well seemed maybe.

This weekend possibly I will visit again Alicante and San Juan, on my way to Murcia. Not sure yet. Maybe I will take with me Chinese - Panama Thomas :-)

OK, finishing, coming back to work for a moment, than Mercadona - beer and playa :-)

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Current Music: Heather Nova

July 6th, 2005

12:22 pm: Mallorca this weekend...

Hola !
So I am doing my best to not to get crazy here. And I am not alone with this trials... Thanks to my new international friends I am still not insane.

Thanks guys once again

Last night I spent in Valencia in a club where we were watching Flamenco. Interesting, but after 1,5 hour a bit tirying, especially that only 4 guys were doing the show, no woman... Than we were dancing and having fun. I was trying to forget about all bad things that are going around me. That worked for a few minutes...

But right now I am already back to Burriana with the train at 7 at the morning. And... that is not so bad, well, I had to get up early and spend in a train 50 min, than 30 min walk from the train station to the office...But I started to think about a possibiliteis to move there.Unfortunately there is almost no chance to do that... My friend from Valencia just wrote me he has a cheap place, possible for one month, but the room is very, very small - 8m2 and the bed is a baby size. Whatever, maybe I will do that, the room and the bed stopped to be so important to me right now.

And the plans for the weekend have been changed. First we wanted to hit IBIZA, but there were no tickets available already, so we bought for MALLORCA. Now I will try to forget where am I and wait till Friday to meet again some crazy people and go together to have fun at "playa de Mallorca.

It seems I started to write more often here, well...changes

And I just need people right now, I need something which will just take my minds from thinking about many things that had happen last time....

See ya Joanna:-)

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Current Music: Some Spanish from Cesar

July 5th, 2005

12:23 pm: 3 weeks in Spain

So I am here already 3 weeks. "Perfect" time that was planned for being here, in Spain, became slowly to a hell....

Everything is different that it was expected to be....

The place where I stay... "deseret" Burriana

The material situation...

These 2 weeks that I was dreaming about...

The thing which is really OK and it helps me, are the people who I met - great, nice and helpful international mix... from Serbia, Finland, Panama, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Brasilia.....Thanks guys for everything !!! U make this place possible to feel that not everything sucks !

And these 40 animals that are around my home, that I can talk to and help the woman who takes care about them. She saves animals from death - it´s a kind of an animal shelter, but she doesn´t get any money from anyone. Great person.... So after the office time I try to help her in many ways...That is maybe selfish, but it also helps me...

So, just see ya later,


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