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12:01 am: Happy Birthday Joanna!!!!

So , the 9th of February just started...

26 years ago (actually a few hours later - 18:35) I appeard here. It took me 7 days to finally get here. Everybody laughs, that I exactly knew what I was doing (or not doing), not willing to be born. Well, they forced me !

OK, Joanna, have a nice work during this 2nd night without sleep.  And.... :

NA ZDROWIE ! Salute! Schole! Kompuie! Ege Shedre! Tervi Sex! Jivelin! Burhan Orshoo! Cheers!

And many many more, which I don't remember :-) At least I will not do more mistakes, while typing it.


Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: Heather
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