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"I am the daughter of a great romance..."

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"I am the daughter of a
great romance"

Ask my parents about their story...

I love to travel, it makes me alive ;-).
All the money I had I've been using
to go somewhere, all I spend was worth it.
Where is the most beutiful?
Everywhere , but here in Poland...
here is something special .
Whatever... I finished architectural studies,
which was interesting and... it can be really
practical in the future. Well, it is already ;-)
I work for the architectural company.
I also study Mongolian and Middle
Asian Faculty ( history , literature ,
tradition, languages ), which is more
interesting and completly not practical
Thanks to my second studies
(hmm, they were first, actually)
I had the possibility to meet f.e. His Holiness
Dalai Lama and some other interesting people.
I only wish I will have time to finish this education...
I am crazy about cats especially, I love to care about my thistles.
Ok, that's enough.

My online journal :

http://fotolog.net/slavia - a few pics from my last trip to Syria

The website of the medieval group I am a member : http://braciamieczowi.prv.pl