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09:55 am: Happy Nameday!!!!

So , Happy Nameday, Joanna !!! :-)

I totally forgot about it :-) Michal, thanks for the first  wishes today :-)

I spent last night in my best friends home, with them and their 3 awsome cats - Behemot, Azazel and... a small orange Rudolf :-)
It was a really nice time , helping them a bit with writing the invitations for their own wedding, this July :-)
Still can't belive in that, as I was one of the people, thanks to whom they met :-)

So , right now in the office, and after maybe some nice time witth friends, celebrating today's date.

See ya all and NA ZDROWIE!!!!!


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Current Music: Tori Amos, Anouk and some Sigur Ros
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