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11:59 am: Armenian Genocide Petition
Here is the link to sign the petition condemning the
Armenian Genocide and to help support its
recognition worldwide


This Sunday - 23.04.2006, in Warsaw, there will be
a lot of events to remind the Armenian Genocide.
If anyone is interested go to:


The link to the article about Armenian exhibition in
London, with a lot of pictures taken by my brother


And - I might have an Armenian roots :-), according
to the story of my brothers friends :-)

"I am listening to her and thinking of the words of
the deacon in St. Sarkis Church. He told me that
Bart could have had Armenian roots. That in the
15th -17th centuries during Tsarist times several
Armenian families were forced to move to Poland
and there had to change their family names. And
one of those families which probably had the
surname Musayelyan changed it to Musialovicz.
That is Bartosz's surname. "


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Date:April 19th, 2006 04:15 am (UTC)
Hm, two links don't work. Otherwise this is an interesting topic, we hear so little of these countries.
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