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04:50 am: I DEFENDED MY MASTER!!!!
After many months of being closed in "the tower" I defended my master project !!!!!!!
The presentation was at 28th, 13:00 - well it was a bit late.
It took 1,5 hour, and finally I got the diploma. 

I have to thank to many people, especially My Family and Friends, who were around me 
all the time, and especially, in hard moments. Without their support, I would not do that...

The first picture is before the presentation, while I was trying to start the multimedia presentation. 
Than - during the defense and after.
Next I will post the project.

Thanks guys... 
Thanks also for a great family party after !!!!
We were partying with my parents till 3 at the morning , and than without them :-)

So... I DID IT !!!!!

BTW - I got 5 for the project, 5 for the exam and 5 as a final result of my studies !!!!
( 5 in Poland is the best grade :-) ) I got 3x5 :-)

Going to bed.... Lol... forever I think :-)

See ya more often 


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